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Mar 23

In the bustling world of commercial enterprises, security stands as an uncompromising cornerstone. Yet, amidst the dynamic rhythm of business operations, the integrity of your establishment's physical defenses might go unnoticed. Today, the vulnerability of commercial spaces to security breaches is a pressing concern, with the potential for unforeseen consequences lurking behind every entryway.


With continuously evolving security threats and advancements in door hardware technology, it's crucial to evaluate if your current hardware still provides adequate protection. In this G News article, we'll discuss the potential risks associated with outdated or inadequate commercial door hardware and how upgrading our products can improve your property's security.

Vulnerability to Forced Entry

Outdated or inadequate commercial door hardware poses a significant risk of unauthorized access through forced entry techniques. Weak or compromised locks and exit devices can be exploited by intruders, compromising the security of your premises. Upgrading to robust and modern hardware solutions, such as Cylindrical Electric Strikes and Panic Exit Devices, enhances resistance against forced entry attempts, bolstering your property's defenses against intruders.

Inefficient Emergency Egress

Insufficient or malfunctioning panic exit devices can impede swift and safe evacuation during emergencies, placing occupants at risk. Upgrading to high-quality panic exit devices and exit device power supply systems ensures smooth and reliable egress pathways, mitigating the potential for chaos and injury during critical situations. By investing in modern solutions, you prioritize the safety and well-being of everyone within your commercial space.

Limited Access Control

Outdated cylindrical knob locks may lack advanced access control features, leaving your property susceptible to unauthorized entry or unauthorized access to restricted areas. Upgrading to modern cylindrical locks equipped with electronic access control capabilities enables precise management of access permissions, enhancing security by limiting entry to authorized personnel only. By implementing sophisticated access control measures, you fortify your property against unauthorized intrusion and minimize the risk of security breaches.

Susceptibility to Wear and Tear

 Over time, outdated or inferior commercial door hardware may deteriorate due to wear and tear, compromising its effectiveness and reliability. Upgrading to high-quality hardware solutions, such as durable surface door closers, ensures prolonged operational lifespan and consistent performance, lessening the risk of unexpected failures or malfunctions. Investing in durable hardware mitigates the risk of security vulnerabilities arising from degraded or unreliable components.

Exposure to Cybersecurity Threats

 Increasingly, commercial door hardware incorporates electronic components vulnerable to cybersecurity threats. Upgrading to hardware with robust cybersecurity features, including encryption and authentication protocols, enhances protection against digital intrusions. By adopting secure hardware solutions, you safeguard your property against physical breaches and the growing menace of cyber threats in the digital age.

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