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Commercial Mixing Tools Quality

Oct 12

Mixers are a workhorse in many commercial kitchens and come with a wide range of attachments to speed up prep tasks. Depending on the type of mixer, these machines can be used to shred ingredients for salsa or coleslaw as well as mixing sauces, bread dough and other recipes. These versatile tools often feature a hub with several different plates that can be attached, including a slicer that can quickly chop vegetables and meats. These features make them an ideal choice for busy foodservice operations that need more than a simple mixer to prepare the vast amount of dishes on their menus.

The types of mixers available vary from tabletop and stand models to floor units, with capacities ranging from ten to sixty quarts. Typically, the larger the mixer, the more power it has to handle heavy mixing and kneading jobs. Larger mixers can also accommodate a variety of different accessories to complete various food preparation functions.

Stainless steel mixers are popular in restaurants, bakeries and foodservice businesses that handle a high volume of dough. They are easy to clean and come in a variety of sizes. These mixers are equipped with a durable gear-driven motor that prevents slips and stutters. They are often backed by a warranty that is longer than the industry standard.

Mixer attachments include dough hooks, flat beaters and wire whips. The dough hook helps knead thicker dough and can handle EasyMix. The flat beater and wire whip are better suited for mashing potatoes or mixing lighter batters and whipped cream. A vertical cutter mixer can speed up the chopping and cutting of food into smaller pieces while kneading dough or mixing batters.

A planetary mixer is a powerful machine that can be used for a wide range of cooking applications. Its agitator spins in a planetary motion within the bowl, similar to the motion of planets around the sun, to help ensure all ingredients are properly mixed. These mixers often feature a hub with multiple attachments, including a slicer that can quickly shred ingredients like cheeses, salad vegetables and potato for hashbrowns. They can also be fitted with a grinder for making sausages or ground meats.

The heaviest and largest commercial mixers are usually designed to sit on the floor. These units can easily handle hundreds of pounds of food products, so they are built to withstand rigorous use. They often feature a hydraulic lift that helps raise and lower the bowl for quick and easy access to the ingredients.

IBC tote mixers are a convenient solution for mixing liquids in a standard intermediate bulk container (IBC). These mixers are available with both lightweight and heavy-duty frames. They can be powered by electric, air or explosion-proof motors and feature a 316 stainless steel shaft and impeller. White Mountain Process specialists can help determine the construction, type and size of mixer needed for your application based on your recipe, viscosity and desired results.