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Why You Need a Title IX Lawyer

May 31

A Title IX Lawyer Normal might be able to assist you if you have been accused. Your attorney ensures that you are entitled to the due-process protections guaranteed under federal law.

The first step is to examine your school's Title IX policies and procedures. It includes their definition for consent. It also includes the types of interim measures they may take, such as modifying campus housing arrangements or changing class schedules.

Legal Issues

Representation by a Title IX lawyer can help prevent bias or violations of procedures during the investigation of your complaint. If a school violates your rights, they can lose federal funding and you may be entitled to civil recovery.

Students, teachers, staff members, and others are covered by Title IX. It applies to any educational program or activity that receives federal funds. This includes everything from forestry courses run by state parks with funding from the Department of Interior, to local courses about how to start a business sponsored by government agencies that receive funds from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Schools must ensure that their policies on prohibiting sex discrimination are widely available and easily accessible to their communities. They must also conduct a prompt and thorough investigation of any complaints. They must also share the results of their investigations with both complainants and respondents. Illegal is retaliation towards a person for reporting possible sexual harassment or racism. For example, it is illegal for a student who has filed a complaint to be punished with lower grades or fewer assignments.

Identifying a Violation

Title IX prohibits discrimination based on sex for any educational program or activity. This includes universities and school.

A lawyer specializing in Title IX may be able help with various aspects of the legal process. This includes identifying violations, and helping clients to understand their rights. A lawyer can also represent a client during any meetings with school officials or investigators.

If a student suspects they are a victim of sexual harassment or assault, their attorney can guide them through the process and assist with reporting the incident to police. The lawyer can help with filing a civil lawsuit and/or administrative complaint.

They can provide advice and assistance during a stressful period and give confidence that the case will handled fairly. They can also work with witnesses to prepare them for questioning by the school's panel or hearing officer. This can help ensure the accuracy of the witness' testimony.


When a school investigates a claim of sexual harassment or abuse, it must follow certain guidelines to ensure a fair process. If a college or university fails to adhere to these guidelines, federal funding may be withheld and civil rights suits could be filed.

If you are accused of sexual misconduct, your attorney will represent you throughout the investigation and disciplinary hearing processes. He or She will act as an intermediary in communication (to make sure that any statements that may harm your case to the wrong parties are not made) and advocate your legal rights throughout the entire process.

A Title IX Attorney can ensure that your rights are protected, including the chance to review documents reviewed by the investigator. The right to suggest and introduce witnesses, the questioning of accusers, as well the right to attend all disciplinary hearings. He or her will record objections. This record can help to expose bias and procedural issues on appeal.


Once a complaint of sexual assault, harassment, or other sex-based misconduct is made, universities will initiate an often-complex disciplinary process with investigations, hearings, sanction boards, and student panels all getting involved. These processes could result in anything from expulsion or a year-long suspension to losing your housing.

Your attorney will represent your rights through the investigation and hearing process and will assist you in gathering evidence, such as text messages, social media, informal communications between you and witnesses, photographs or videos.

Your attorney can also file civil lawsuits on your behalf as an alternative to university's administrative processes, which allows you recover compensation. This avenue has been successfully used by our firm in cases involving sexual harassment and assault on campus. In fact, our Harvard alumna is the person who credited with including stalking and dating violence in Title IX protections.

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