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Jun 11

Stained cabinets often provide an edgier, warmer style. Painting cabinets on the other aspect can be altered to match different styles and preferences that include traditional and contemporary. Refinishing cabinets can be slightly cheaper as compared to painting them. Should I replace my cabinets with new ones? If cost isn't an issue You might think about replacing your kitchen cabinets totally.

Refinishing cabinets can preserve their beauty and provide them with a new, fresh look. You can also save money by finishing your cabinets rather than replacing them. You can instead use the funds to refinish hardwood floors, install new backsplash tiles, paint your kitchen or purchase new appliances.


Refacing means removing the drawer fronts and cabinet doors of your cabinet and installing custom-made cabinet doors. You can choose from many door styles and colors, painted or stained. While far less expensive than a complete replacement Refacing cabinets will cost more than just painting or refinishing. Contact your local cabinet refurbishing San Diego company about the cost of refacing compared to painting or refinishing.


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We can help you through the process so that you choose both functional and stunning options. We can also install them after your cabinets are finished. How Long Will My Refinished Cabinets Last? The cabinets we offer are exclusively made for our company and are made to withstand active kitchen settings.


I came across a Picture Online I Love. Can You Recreate It? Yes, in many instances. We're able to do it; we've got 12 different colors for you to choose from. If, however, you have one in mind that's not in our selection, we will match the color. We're looking to personalize your cabinets to be brought back to life in a way you are happy with.

When it's time for a change there are many ways to remodel your kitchen in order to make it more modern, functional, and modern. Paint or stain your cabinets, switch out the hardware, or even completely replace your cabinets. But, some of those methods can only be used to delay the next renovation.


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Refacing your kitchen cabinets is the method to transform your kitchen by revamping what's already there. If your kitchen cabinets are in poor shape perhaps a facelift is a good idea. Refacing means taking out the cabinet components of your kitchen cabinets.


This process can take between 2 to 4 days. The process is as follows Remove the drawer doors and fronts, and leave behind the drawer boxes or boxes. Laminate or wood veneer can be used to cover the sides and fronts of the cabinet boxes.


New doors and drawer fronts are put back in place. You can sand, refinish, paint, or completely replace these parts at this stage. All pulls for cabinets and drawers and handles (new and vintage) can be reinstalled. Incorporate additional features, such as integrated lighting as well as crown molding, glass frames, and other contemporary designs. The pros and cons of refacing Your Cabinets While weighing the possibilities of your kitchen renovation There are several options to take into consideration. In light of cost, time constraints, and the condition of your cabinets, refacing may or may not be your most suitable option.


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Cabinet Refacing: The Green Option You're saving trees by using the existing cabinets instead of throwing them out. The styles available are virtually limitless. There are a variety of wood veneers, laminates, and paint colors that you can select to transform your cabinets into the look you're looking for.


If you are happy with the way your appliances and cabinets sit and function, refacing is an ideal option to keep the kitchen you've always loved, however, with a modern look. Refacing kitchen cabinets is more expensive than replacing the whole thing. This will make you money, time, and energy.

Your cabinet boxes must be durable surface, smooth, and in good condition. This is not an easy job to tackle by yourself. Certain tasks require the experience of a professional, like placing the veneer or laminate. You should be careful when removing the door drawers, laminates that are already in place, and even the hardware. You don't want any of it to be damaged, and you could risk paying too much.

If you're seeking an expert contractor that you can trust, contact San Diego Cabinet Finishing today!


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